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17 July 2011 @ 09:41 pm
Gackt encouragement/prayers and Japan's win!  

I proud that Japan won the World Cup 2011!! Congratulations!! *\(^_^)/*

I am continually praying for the finishing preparations of the 2011 YFC world tour. I know that each one of them is working hard. I hope they are getting enough rest and that they don't get seriously sick during the tour. I know it will stress their bodies and will push them to their limits! In a few days the tour will be starting and they will be traveling from place to place for months. My most worry is about G though. He's still not completely better form him being sick this past month. I hope he gets better soon. He will be in my prayers and thoughts constantly. "Gackt, please take care!" It worries me (and your fans) when we watch you collapse form exhaustion because you push your body beyond the normal 100%. That is how amazing you are. Just rest when you can and have fun! Enjoy the tour! Rock everyone! Rock the world! You're the man, Gackt. You always will be! I can't wait until I get the chance to see you face to face and listen/rock out to one of your lives! Sending my love to you, G!! ~chu!!!
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