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14 July 2011 @ 10:15 pm

In general, why is it necessary to tell stories of worrisome and painful things? It's because telling them will ease the pain, right?




If you lick the wounds that you carry, then certainly they will become a little less painful. However, if you stop licking them, the pain will begin again.




So even though it hurts, you should stitch up your wounds quickly. It will really hurt while they're sewn up, but after it's over, you'll be on your way to being healed. In other words, it's a relationship between our hearts.




Talking about things that are painful to each of us and licking each others' wounds is something that other people besides us can do as well. Whenever someone is carrying a heavy burden, what's important is how much we can help that person stitch up those wounds.




Sewing the wounds up will be extremely painful. There isn't any anesthesia, not in the words that we use. But after it's over, we heal without having even a trace of the scar left. That is how things are.

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14 July 2011 @ 10:11 pm

1. Put your MP3 Player on shuffle.


2. For each question press the next button to get the answer.


3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds.


4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name


5. Tag some friends






If someone says "are you okay" you say?





How would you describe yourself?





What do you like in a guy/girl?


Know Your Enemy



How do you feel today?





What's your life's purpose?


Far and Away



What's your motto?


Koakuma Heaven ( *cough* a very... interesting motto considering what the song is about... *cough* )



What do your friends think of you?





What do you think of your parents?





What do you think about very often?


Papa Lapped A Pop A Lapped



What do you think of the person you like?


Perfect World



What is your life's story?


In My Arms



What do you want to be when you grow up?





What do you think of when you see the person you like?


In Flames



What will you dance to at your wedding?


Balloons and Champagne



What will they play at your funeral?


The Apache Honouring Song



What is your hobby/interest?





What is your biggest fear?





What is your biggest secret?


Coffee Is…



What do you think of your friends?


Just Break The Limit



My make-out song is?


D Technolife (haha… a Bleach theme song!! Bwahaha… couldn‘t get better, lol.)



I’ll have a good day if I can just hear?


Far and Away



Next time I’m in front of a crowd, I’ll say:





My message to the world has always been:


In A Lifetime



Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include:


Take Off



My best friend is like:


By The Time I Close My Eyes



My alter-ego is:





Right now, I feel:





My innermost desire is:


Gate of Death



What makes me happy is:


A Drop of Colour



My birth was like:





My theme song:


Best Friends



If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream:


Face 2 Face



When I’m drunk I say:


Aristocrats Symphony



Behind my back, my friends think I’m:


New Perspective



If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell:


My Immortal



When I’m in the shower, I sing:


Angel’s Tale



My love of life was inspired by the song:


Jesus (if only you knew the meaning behind the song… it’s Japanese by the way… LOL)



High school was like:


Secret Garden



How will you die?


Birdcage (not bad… cause Gackt will be there J )



To cheer myself up I


Kono Daremo Inai Heya De [In This Empty Room] (not a cheery song… depressing actually… but beautifully composed from that man‘s shattered heart)



What will you post this as?


  Hoshi no Suna [Stardust] (A beautiful, sad song... yet again, beautifully composed)

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Current Location: United States, Missouri
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Dir En Grey - Glass Skin
13 July 2011 @ 11:31 pm
We’re near an ocean and storm clouds are moving in. There has been reports of a battleship headed this way so Gackt, our sole leader, is handing out orders for a patrol to form and where they’re suppose to be placed. He is dressed in silver armor much like a dragons, his long purple hair falling around him to brush his armored knees and cover his right eye. Walking through his underground castle he pointed to whom ever he crossed paths with and told them where to go. My mother and father, two of his best soldiers, poked their heads out of our apartment-like room so graciously given to us by Gackt. I tried to peek out as well to watch as our handsome, mighty leader strode down the hallway towards us, but mother and father shoved me back just as he stepped up to the door. “Hunter and Saliel.” Shoving me back further they stood tall and saluted. “Yes, leader?” He arched a brow and peeked over their shoulders at me as I desperately tried to catch a glimpse of him. “I need you two outside on the beach tonight. You’re weather mages and I don’t want a storm tearing my castle up when there is a possibility of being attacked by a battleship tonight.” My  mother and father snapped their heels together and bowed. “Yes, leader!” Gackt turned away to continue walking down the hallway but stopped a few feet away as I opened the door silently again and poked my head out to watch him. I blushed as he gave me a smile and winked at me. “Whisper! Get back in here!” My father jerked me back inside and closed the door roughly. He peered down at me and gave me a shake. “I don’t want to see you outside this room again when there is a chance of fighting. Do you understand?” I nodded my head and looked at the floor. “Yes, father.” He sighed and patted the top of my head. “Good girl, now go to your room. Your mother and I have to go control that damn weather.”

Sitting in my room watching a movie I gave out a sharp scream as the whole castle shook and the deep roar of thunder echoed through the empty halls. The storm was turning out to be bad if my mother and father were having trouble controlling it. I got up and turned the movie off, heading to my room where I slowly changed into a pair of my training hakama and tucked in my long sleeveless shirt. Strapping on my wooden bokken I turned off all the lights and left. I headed through the long hallways until I reached above ground wing of the castle which had been made for the children of the soldiers. It was full as I stepped inside, looking to see if I could find one of my closest friends. Lilibette was off near the window staring out. I walked over and touched her shoulder. She squeaked and whirled around with her fist balled into a fist. I caught it and twirled her into an arm-lock. “Too slow, Lilibette.” I laugh as she pouts. “It just cause you went into training years before I was allowed.” I smiled and patted her blonde princess curls. “It’s ok. You’ll catch up… one of these days.” She kicks out at me but I block with him shin causing her to wince in pain. “You’re so cruel to me, Whisper!” I shrug and finally drape my arm across her shoulders. “Wanna go play that new video game that our amazing leader put in the game room?” Lilibette’s face lit up as she nodded. We moved through the crowd until we stepped into the game room. There were a ton of boys there and they were playing the game we wanted. Lilibette’s smile dropped. “We can’t.” I arched a brow. “Wait right here, Lilibette.” I slowly walk over to were the boys were crowded around each other and cleared my throat loudly. They all turned to look at me. One of the taller boys sneered at me and moved to stand over me. “What do you want, freak?” I hated it when people called me that, but I knew it was for a good reason I suppose. I had been born with silver hair and pure black eyes with only a small ring of white around the pupils. “I want you all to leave.” He arched a brow. “And what if we don’t? Will you go cry to your daddy?” I gave a wide smile up at him and shook my head. “No.” I stepped back and did a jumping roundhouse kick, slamming my foot into his jaw. He flew backwards to slam against the far wall, denting it. He slid to the ground unconscious and the other guys all turned their attention to me. I slowly pulled my bokken out and thrust it out towards them. “I want ALL of you to leave. Now!” Without another word they all scattered like leaves in the wind, a few of them dragging their unconscious friend behind them. I turned around and smiled at Lilibette. “We can play now.”

Hidden in the shadows of the above ground room, Gackt took in the whole scene. He gave a small chuckle as he saw me roundhouse kick the insolent bastard into the wall. After a few minutes of watching he stepped out of the shadows, making his presence known to everyone besides me and Lilibette. “Leave.” Everyone turns to look at him in awe. “Leader.” “Leader.” “Leader.” He growls and stalks further into the room. “I said leave!” A few people squeak in fear and others start shaking as they all run out as fast as they can. As soon as the place is deserted he slowly walks over to the large window and looks outside at the raging weather. If Hunter and Saliel couldn’t control the weather it would soon become a hurricane. Growling he turns and heads into the game room. Me and Lilibette are concentrating on the fighting game as he walks into the room. Moving up behind the both of us he gives a chuckle. “I didn’t know girls played games like this.” Lilibette let out a small scream and curled up into a ball just as I pulled my bokken out in a split second and whirled around, striking Gackt on his armored chest. I gasped as it broke into tiny pieces and clattered to the floor. I blinked up in disbelief at the very man I had always dreamed about. Because I had been infatuated with him since I was a baby my parents had kept me locked inside whenever he’d come around to give orders to them. “Leader!” Falling to my knees I quickly bowed, draping my whole body against the floor. “Forgive me, Leader!” I flinched as I heard the clinking of his armor as he bent down to touch the curve of my back. “Please don’t do that, little lady.” When I didn’t respond and kept bowing he wrapped both his hands around my waist and picked me up so he could stand me on my feet. “You don’t need to bow.” I shivered as he released his hands from around my waist and turned away to pick up Lilibette. She limply stood when he put her on her feet as well. “I’m not going to hurt either of you.” I swallowed my nervousness before turning a glaring eye up at him. “Then maybe you should give us a warning next time.” I quickly cupped my hands across my mouth as soon as the words escaped. All he did was laugh though. “Come, come. I thought you had heard me walk in. My armor isn’t something quit.” Me and Lilibette blushed and looked at the ground. Lilibette finally spoke up. “We were absorbed in beating each other up. Leader. Please forgive us.” Gackt chuckled and reached out to cup her cheek, forcing her to look up at him. “There is nothing to fear, Lilibette.” She blinked up in surprise at him. “How do you know my name?” He grinned and stroked his hand through her curls. A heavy, piercing pressure suddenly spiked in my heart and I wanted to shove his hands away from Lilibette. I wanted him to touch me instead. “I know everyone inside my castle, sweet Lilibette.” She shifted nervously and gave a little giggle. “Oh.” Moving his hand away he gave a sigh. “Excuse me for a moment, ladies. I have to go relieve myself.” He brushed past us and headed into the bathroom while me and Lilibette blushed. Lilibette moved over to one of the sofas on the far wall and sat down, completely stunned. I sat on the sofa that was behind me. I silently glared at Lilibette. A couple minutes passed before the bathroom door opened again and our leader walked out and his armor was gone. In place of his armor was a pair of long black hakama that brushed the floor, a black corset wrapped tightly around his stomach and a sleeveless black shirt. Two large, beautiful tattoos of a dragon wrapped itself around both his arms and disappeared beneath his shirt. “I have a present for the both of you.” He flicked his hand and two roses appeared out of thin air. One was black with white petals in the center and the other was a deep blood red. Since he was closest to Lilibette he moved over to her and handed her the blood red rose. She blushed and took it. “Thank you, Leader.” After giving her a smile he turned away and slowly walked over to where I was sitting, glaring up at him. He reached out his massive, calloused hand and offered me the black and white rose. “To match those beautiful eyes.” I slowly took the rose from his hand and shivered as our fingers touched. I brought it up to my nose and smelled. I closed my eyes in wonder at the beautiful perfume it created. “It’s beautiful.” Moving away from me, he smiles and nods his head before taking a seat next to the stunned Lilibette. I gave a small growl but didn’t say anything. He had a right to sit wherever he wanted. “Tell me about yourselves.” Lilibette brightens up and starts talking. “As you know, I’m Lilibette. I am in my second year of training and I hope to be a great soldier one day.” He arched a brow. “And do you have any magical talent, little Lilibette?” Her smile falls and she blushes in embarrassment. “Just a little.” I narrow my eyes and huff loudly before turning my attention away from the two of them. I summoned a small book out of thin air and started reading about dragons. It was one of my favourite subjects to read about. A few minutes passed and I didn’t pay attention to what Lilibette and our Leader were saying. I was just turning the page to start a new chapter when a large shadow fell over me and a huge hand reached down to take the book away from me. I growled and reached to grab it back but stopped when I saw it was our leader. “Dragons, huh?” I cross my arms beneath my breasts and huff. “Yah.” He chuckles and tucks the book away into his corset. I gasped and reached out to stop him. “That’s mine!” He just gave a shrug. “I know.” I stood up and reached to grab it out from behind his corset. “I want it back.” He quickly grabs my wrist and stops me with a light tsking sound. “I might return it later.” I glared up at him and popped my thumb out of place so I could slid my wrist out of his hand. He arched a brow and reached out to grab my other wrist. I moved away from him and tripped over the game controller I’d left abandoned on the floor. I turned and landed on my hands and knees, trying to catch my breathe from my surprise at tripping. I was just about to stand up when I felt a hand pull against my hair which was wrapped into a bun. I turned and slapped Gackt’s hand away but gasped again when I saw it was our leader. He chuckled and knelt down in front of me, reaching up again to finish taking my hair down. I shivered as it fell to pool against the floor while he ran his fingers through it. “What’s your name, little lady?” I closed my eyes and fought the warm fluttery feeling inside me. “You said you knew everyone’s name.” He leaned in and whispered against my ear, his hand tightening in my hair causing my breathe to hitch. “I want you to tell me though.” His voice was hypnotic. “Whisper.” He blew against my ear making my breathe hitch again. “I am whispering.” I growled and shoved my hands against his massive chest. “No. That’s my name.” He grins and the movement of his lips just melts me. “I know.” He trails his lips back across my cheek before gently kissing the corner of my mouth. “So tell me why you were ignoring me.” I shove against his chest again and slip beneath his arm, trying to escape. His other arm snaked out and wrapped around my waist, pushing me back against the sofa so he could trap me with his body pressed against mine. “Are you afraid of me?” I swallow nervously and stare up into his pure black eyes. I’d never noticed they were as black as mine. I shivered. “No.” He places another kiss on the other corner of my mouth. “I’m glad.” His lips were inches away from mine and I knew he was going to kiss be but Lilibette gave a loud huff and called out to our leader. “Come back and sit beside me, Leader. I… I like talking to you.” Gackt pressed his forehead against mine and gave a soft groan. “Ok.” He pulled away from me and stood. I peered up at him in confusion but he just chuckled. “Can you make me some coffee?” I blinked. “Coffee?” He grinned. “Does that mean you don’t know how to?” I glared and stood up quickly. “Of course I know how!”  I brushed past him and went into the other room so I could make him a cup like he’d requested. While I heard some giggles and talking which only made me mad. “Make your coffee. I’ll make you your coffee.”  I summoned a small vial of silvery powder and giggled evilly. The silvery powder was made from a small shelled creature that lived deep in the ocean. I had learned about it during my studies and went to find it one night. It made a person’s bowels move exceedingly fast. I normally wouldn’t do this to anyone but bullies but the leader had made a fool out of me and my friend was flirting with him. When the coffee was done I sprinkled a little into the black liquid and stirred it with my finger before heading into the game room again. I walked over to where our leader and Lilibette was sitting. “Leader.” He gently took it from me and smiled. “Gackt.” I arched a brow and blushed. “What?” He peered down into the coffee for a few seconds before putting a hand over the top of it. My eyes widened as the silvery powder I’d put into the coffee floated up into the air and dropped into his hand. “I want you to call me Gackt.” He blew the powder off his hands and smiled up at me. I growled and shook my head. “No.” I walked away and flopped very unlady like onto the sofa, picking up the remote so I could turn a movie on. As it began to play I didn’t pay attention. Instead I watched our leader talking to Lilibette out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t turn away either when he would turn to look at me.

An hour of talking passed by in a flash when suddenly there was a loud boom as lightening struck the castle causing it to shake roughly. At the same time the sirens went off, warning us that the battleship had been spotted. Lilibette had tumbled to the floor from the shaking and our leader stood, leaving her on the floor. He turned to me. “Would you help me with my armor?” I didn’t even think about refusing. I stood up and threw the remote to the floor, quickly walking over to him. The armor appeared out of thin air and gently landed on the floor. He leaned down and hauled up the massive chest armor, sliding it over his head. He turned around to give me access to the leather lacing in the back as he pulled his long hair our from beneath it. I quickly pull and tighten the leather strings as tight as they could go and laced them down the center of the armor. When I was finished with that I tucked the little bow beneath his armor. He turned back around and held his arms out to me so I could tie the leather lacing on the armor covering his arms. Just as I started on the left arm, Lilibette stood up and reached out to help. “I’ll help, Leader.” Just as her fingers touched the metal Gackt turned his eyes to her and growled. “Go away.” Lilibette made a small mewling noise seconds before she disappeared into thin air. I didn’t take the time to wonder what he’d done to Lilibette. I finished one arm and moved onto the other. When they were both done I reached down and picked up his massive katana. It was almost too heavy for me to pick up so Gackt helped me. His hand covered mine and warmth spread from him to me. He held the katana in place as I tied the strings around his belt. Another bolt of lightning struck the castle and shook the whole castle. I stumbled backwards on my feet but Gackt grabbed me before I could fall.  “Damn your parents. I told them to control this storm!” I knew he’d put to much confidence in my parents powers because they’d told me when I was younger that no mage could control a hurricane. They were to powerful. As Gackt turned to leave I followed after him. I could feel my powers calling out to me. Gackt turned and shook his head. “I don’t want my future queen to get hurt. Go further down into the castle and wait for me.” I blinked up at him in surprise for a few seconds before shaking my head. “No. I can control the storm.” He shook his head again. “If your mother and father couldn’t, you can’t. I’m sorry. There is also the risk of being hit by spells from the battleship. Go.” I watched him walk away and felt a little hurt that he didn’t trust me. I wasn’t weak like my mother or my father. I had known for a long time I was someone special. It was another reason my parents had locked me inside.  I waited for a few minutes before quickly following behind him. I had never seen our leader fight. I had heard stories of his greatness. I wanted to see for myself, and to help as well. Stepping outside of the castle I was instantly struck by pounding rain. It was coming from all directions. A flash off in the waters drew my attention and I watched as a bomb slammed into the soldiers standing at the edge of the water. Their shields didn’t help. I moved forward to help but some soldiers standing guard around the castle reached out and grabbed me. “What are you doing out here child!! Get back inside!!” I didn’t have time for this. I kicked out at them, knocking them into the castle. I then ran away towards the chaos. Lightening strike after lightening strike began to strike the ground near were I was. The ground rumbled with the attack and I stumbled back and forth. Falling to my knees I shoved at my hair just as I heard a roaring sound from atop the cliffs overlooking the castle and ocean. Lightening struck again and lit up the cliffs. Atop them stood our leader. His armor had grown spikes from the shoulder areas and HUGE wings stretched out behind him. Another roar shook the ground beneath me as something shadow like snaked away from both his outstretch arms. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Two pure black, full grown dragons formed from the shadows and flew out to sea. I stumbled to my feet and watched in awe as the dragons bombarded the battleship, tearing at it’s sails and spouting fire at them. The fire only bounced of though. It seemed there were fire mages aboard the ship. Lightening lit up the sky above me and my attention was drawn back to the cliffs where our leader was now fully transformed into a dragon bigger than I could ever have imagined. My dragon books were put to shame at his size. I stumbled towards the cliffs, stepping on or around dead soldiers. As if sensing me, his eyes turned to stare at me. They were flaming red and absolutely beautiful. Seconds passed and we stared at each other before he turned away and flung himself up into the air. I gasped and watched as his wings stretched outwards and blew the rain away from him. There were more booming sounds as bomb after bomb was shot off from the battleship. Each on hit the beach and slammed into the soldiers. Rage tore at my insides as I ran recklessly forward. I was almost to the water when hands reached out and grabbed me. “WHISPER!” I struggled against the hands of my father as he tried to hold me back. “Whisper, you can’t be out here!” Mother stepped forward too and I could see the blood soaking her armor. “Oh, Whisper. We can’t watch you and do our job. Go inside! You can’t do anything out here. You’ll just be a distraction!” I couldn’t believe my parents. I slammed my head backwards and head butted my father in the face. I heard a crack as I broke his nose. His hands released me and he cried out. “I can help!” Mother reached out and smacked me across the face. “GO INSIDE!” The air around us began to shift as my anger grew. I was tired of people thinking I was useless. “No.” I stepped around her as she stared at me stunned. “I’ll show you just what I can do.” I closed my eyes and pulled at my anger. Anger was apart of my power. I formed it into my hands until it was almost literally heavy. Words meant to control the weather began to form in my mind and I spoke them as soon as they burned into sight. Lightening began to strike all around me and the wind began forming a wall around me. My mother and father were thrown backwards, tumbling along the beach. Minutes passes as I spoke the words to control the storm. As soon as the last word was spoken I released the power that had built up inside me and flung it up it the stormy skies. The storm’s fury fought me, the power of it shoving me to my knees. I heard my mother call out but I ignored her as I called on the power deeper inside me. There had always been something hidden deep inside me that seemed almost like it had been locked away. “Help me.” Silver eyes flew open inside my mind. “Please.” I gasped as a roar from deep inside me tore through my body. I flung my arms open wide as just then a bolt of white, searing hot lightening slammed into my body. I screamed as I felt something inside of me tear. Pain engulfed my body. I screamed as I heard my skin rip and pure silvery wings sprouted from beneath my shirt and claws began pushing their way out of the tips of my fingers. My scream of pain turned into a bellowing roar. It didn’t take me long to completely transform in a delicate looking silver dragon. I slammed my front legs into the sand beneath me and looked down at myself with my dragon eyes. Everything seemed different. I didn’t get the chance to look for too long because the rain began to turn into hail and the wind was getting stronger than a tornado. As if on instinct I pulled on the overwhelming pool of power that filled me and bellowed into the stormy air. Seconds later the wind stopped and the hail disappeared. Above me the dark rolling clouds instantly split and the warm light from the sunset beamed down onto the beach and out across the water. I could see everything clearly now. Bodies littered the sand and waters. The battleship let off another round of bombs and the remaining soldiers on the beach cried out for in fear. I stood up on my hind legs and flung out my power, forming a shield over the entire beach. The bombs disintegrated as soon as they touched my shield. A pained roar tore my attention away from the beach. I watched as one of the two smaller black dragons tumbled into the water covered in a black clinging flame. Dammit. Without a second thought I launched myself into the air and sped my way over to see how I could help. I could hear the screams of the people aboard the battleship as my leader, the HUGE black dragon, swooped down on them and landed on the bow of the ship. He let loose a streak of flames that engulfed many of the soldiers on deck. The mages were on the far side of the ship and they began flinging spell after spell at him. One of the mages was glowing red with power and fear spiked inside me. He was stronger than any of the other mages present. He probably had formed the clinging black flames. I didn’t have to think twice as I swooped down and breathed ice onto fire mages. I roaringly laughed as they crumbled into crystalline pieces. The strong mage who scared me turned his attention to me and I shivered as his hollow, eyeless eyes stared up at me. “Dragoness.” I growled at him and formed a ball of ice which I breathed at him. Without so much as a twitch of his hand it blew up into tiny pieces. “You can’t win, little dragoness.” My leader roared out in rage and flung himself towards me but he was to slow as the mage’s clinging black flames began to engulf my body. I screamed in pain as my wings gave out and I fell into the water, taking part of the ship with me. NO. NO. NO. NO! I struggled against the flames as they tried to burn away at my scales. But much to my surprise I watched as inch my inch the flame began to fall away, leaving my body unharmed. I grunted my confusion until I heard a soft, warming voice speak up inside my head. “His flames can’t hurt us, dear. We are a rare breed of dragon, Whisper. We are the sacred dragon. Feel the power inside of you. Let if fill your senses. Trust it. Let it lead you.” I shivered as the soft voice faded away. I clawed at the water and flapped my wings, pulling myself upwards. Seconds passed before I broke surface just in time to see a long spear stab into the shoulder of my leader. His roar of pain shook the boat and the surrounding water. “NOOOO!” I flung myself back onto the boat and landed in front of him. “Leader… Leader!” He peered down at me with his burning red eyes. “Whisper?” I nodded my huge head and reached out to grab the spear. I jerked it out and he roared again in pain. “Stay right here, leader.” He reached out with his huge clawed paw and grabbed onto my wing just as I turned away. “You can’t win!” I looked back and gave a dragon smile. “I won’t be long.” I pulled away from him and turned back to the mage who was now a few feet away from me. “I’m going to kill you mage.” He took a step back and I could feel his power almost shiver in fear. Without a second though I put my complete trust into the power hidden inside of me and released it. What looked like ice that formed around the mage but the second it touched his body his body began to disintegrate slowly. He screamed and tried to grab at his disappearing body. Just before he could completely disappear I snapped out and bit into his remaining body. I swallowed it whole without chewing. Slowly I turned around and shifted my legs nervously as I looked up at my leader. “Are you ok?” He peered down at me and blinked. I mistook the silence as his disgust with me. I lowered my head and slowly released my dragon form. It melted away until I stood naked in front of him. “I’m sorry for disobeying you.”  I turned away from him and walked to the edge of the sinking ship. I hauled myself up onto the railing and peered into the now calm ocean. “I’m sorry.” I was just about to dive into the water when a huge clawed hand wrapped around my waist and lifted me up into the air. “Whisper.” I closed my eyes as he pulled me in against his warm, scaled body. It was vibrating as be began to almost purr. “I would never have though you’d be a sacred dragoness, Whisper.” I opened my eyes and stared up at him. “I didn’t know either. I just knew something was different about me and I was drawn to you. I guess I know why now.” He chuckled before stepping to the edge of the ship. “Hold on.” I did as his wings lifted us off the ship. He flew upwards and then turned into a circle as he let loose a streak of fire, engulfing the now unprotected ship. When he was satisfied he winged his way back to the shore where he softly landed. He quickly and effortlessly transformed back into his human self, except he was fully clothed. I arched a brow and blushed as I felt his armor brush teasingly along my bare skin. “How do you do that? Why is it that I don’t have clothes on?” He grinned and stared at me for a long while before answering. “It takes practice. I’ll teach you, my future queen.” Just then my mother and father came stumbling towards us. My father was still holding his bleeding nose and he looked very angry. So did my mother. My father was the first to speak though. “I don’t think so, sir. She won’t become any man’s queen.” Gackt arched a brow down at my father as he slowly stood to his full height. “Oh? I believe I am the one who says what’s going to happen around here.” My mother spoke angrily. “Not with our daughter you’re not. You may have been our leader but not anymore. We’re moving away. And our daughter is going with us!” I felt his anger begin to radiate off of him. I turned and glared at my parents. “I have the right to choose where I go and where I don’t. I’m staying.” My father’s face turned red and he took out his gun. “Release my daughter, sir. I’m not going to ask nicely. We’re leaving. You’ve already corrupted her enough.” I watched as Gackt arched his other brow. “Oh? Taking away a dragon’s future mate isn’t a wise thing so I don’t think she’s going anywhere. You are.” His power snapped outwards and engulfed my mother and father in flames. Their screams only lasted for a few seconds before their bodies crumbled into ashes, mixing in with the sand beneath where they had been standing. Gackt sat me down onto the ground and took a step back. “They were disloyal to me, Whisper. I want to know if I have your loyalty. I’m going to put my shoulder against your chest. If you don’t accept me I will have to kill you. That’s how we dragons are.” I shivered as his silvery scaled armor pressed against my naked chest, brushing along my nipples. I closed my eyes and quickly wrapped my arms around him, embracing his warm, pulsing power. “I’m your, koishii. I’m always yours and no others.” He turned in my arms and wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up. I wrapped my legs around his corseted waist and locked my ankles behind him. His mouth sought out mine as he passionately kissed me. His words whispered against my lips as he bit at them, drawing a few drops of blood. “Mine.” I moaned into his mouth. “Yours.”

P.S - Koishii = Dear, Wanted, Beloved, Darling ^_^v
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Oh My Freakin Gosh!!!!!!! He's made me all ooey-gooey inside again with his voice!!!!!!!! *dies* I WILL OWN THIS NEW CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His voice in Paranoid Doll is so f-ing hot that I just want to kidnap him and have him sing it for me RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!  www.youtube.com/watch
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12 July 2011 @ 01:34 am

This has to be the hottest pic right now for me!!! *massive nosebleed* I mean, he's in a corset with long hair... both are fetishes for me!!! OMG!! @_@ *falls to knees to beg him* please... please!! soo... hot... can't... breathe... *faints* X_X
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11 July 2011 @ 09:23 pm

I LOVE his smile!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love this one!!!

Scary, LOL O_O

Take and use which ever ones you want, just if you post them somewhere, please be kind and credit me ^_^ ARIGATOU!!

Man... I really loved this performance!! and I love that song!! And I love himin a corset!! with long hair!! *drool*!!!!!!!!
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Tweeted for 24.5 hours, LOL, a little bit of sleep. hurt my finger bad (it's all taped up) from so much typing, but we did it. All the DEARS of the world did it. We continually celebrated Gackt's birthday from 12 midnight/July4th (Japan time) to 12 midnight/July 5th (Japan time). We tweeted OVER 20,641 (we aren't for sure yet, trying to find out) tweets and had 4-5 celebs join us!! That's dedication! Heck Yah!! I'm proud of ALL DEARS!!

If you want to look at all the screen caps I made of the WHOLE thing, go here: http://twitpic.com/photos/ShirotaGirl88

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26 June 2011 @ 04:56 am
YAY, just finished a long chappie for my Naruto fanfic. It's full of evilness!!! MWAHAHAHA!!! Check it out here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6445758/1/bBreaking_b_bThrough_b_To_bMy_b_bHeart_b

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21 June 2011 @ 11:44 am
HAHA, so, I finally have work that is flexible enough for me. During the summer that is. I'm going to be a maid as of today ^_^ I love cleaning, haha!! Means more money in my pocket for my road trip across the U.S. ^_^ (not literally. just visiting two states, hahaha, but they're opposite of each other and have to pass through a bunch of other states : ) Fun Fun

P.S. - I have a fetish for a certain man in a kimono!! ;) HAHA I could just stare at him in one of his kimonos all day!! So shmexy ;P

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13 June 2011 @ 01:17 am

Woof O_o this makes me really like his new hair *~_^*

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